Mycky Brown: New Territory

Mycky Brown is a model and artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. Her visual language cannot be pinned down with an easy set of characteristics. In front of a camera, Brown commands the realm of the cybergoth as smoothly as she embodies the playful elegance of a ‘70s pop icon. The language of her artwork is equally nimble; pangs of late-night-internet-scroll loneliness are cradled by Brown’s innate curiosity for humanity, a gentle probing with a great sense of hope. The artist is quintessential New York-cool. You can find her out at night—sometimes—but she’s always got somewhere else she could...

Nas Leber: Unheard Frequencies

Nas Leber is a composer, vocalist, designer, and DJ born and raised in the Bronx. His discography spans the emotional and philosophical landscape of a young creative: it is a winding journey and one that always leads with respect for artistic expression over a need for attention in a climate so riddled with self-absorption. Each passing season brings a quiet thoughtfulness upon the artist like a stone turning under the current of the indigo tides. And as you follow him toward the future, you will be sure to encounter a song that looks you as deeply as you look at it.